Kawada Robotics continues to advance the development of humanoid robots
by capturing the needs of the current society.

  • 19871987

    Kawada Industries Inc., Aviation Division established

  • 19991999

    Contracted to design and build a humanoid robot

    Awarded a contract by the University of Tokyo to design/build the humanoid robot H6

  • 20012001

    Launch of isamu

  • 20022002

    Launch of HRP-2

    Developed under the Human
    Collaboration/Coexistence-Type Robot System R&D Project

  • 20072007

    Launch of HRP-3

    Developed under the Humanoid Robot Working in Actual Environment Platform Technology R&D Project

  • 20092009

    Launch of HIRO

    Upper-body humanoid robot research platform

    Launch of NEXTAGE

    Next-generation industrial robot based on the concept to coexist with humans

  • 20102010

    Launch of HRP-4

    A platform for R&D incorporating the ‘slim athlete’ design concept

    Awarded the Technical Achievement Award in Robotics & Mechatronics by The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • 20122012

    Renamed to Robotics Division
    NEXTAGE/HIRO win awards

    *Next Generation Industry Special Award (5th Robot Awards)
    *Factory of the Future Award

  • 20132013

    Kawada Industries Robotics Division spins out technology and business development sections to establish Kawada Robotics Corp.

  • 20152015

    Kawada Industries spins off the remainder of the Robotics Division ? including manufacturing and sales - which is consolidated into Kawada Robotics.